Dear Lisa.
Not an opening salutation….just a statement. Dear Lisa. 

I have so much to thank you for — starting with your time, and willingness to share it with me.  For your knowledge, for your ability to talk about your knowledge, for your ability to talk about both the specifics and the over-arching issues around dyslexia. And also for your clear and amazing compassion and care for those who are disenfranchised simply because they are different.”                                                          ~   A Grateful Parent  ~

Student Feedback Gathered from all IP Specialists

“I like this more than math!” ~ 8 year old mathematician

“Finally someone who understands how my brain works!”  ~  12 year old   

“If I move out of the state, can you still teach me?”  ~ 11 year old

“I’ve met with many people over the years and it’s never been like this. FINALLY!”  ~College student~

“I wish I had met you in first grade.  I would have actually thought I would have a chance to read.”   ~ 11 year old

“Because here I understand…”   ~ 7 year old