What Clients Say

“If my other tutors would have been like Ms. Lisa, I would have thought it was possible that one day I could actually read.” – 9 year old student

“Lisa worked with my daughter for two years while my daughter was attending college. My daughter needed assistance with her writing skills. Lisa immediately uncovered the developmental areas and identified skills that needed to be strengthened. Lisa was available for my daughter consistently and unconditionally. My daughter spent many hours at Lisa’s home or via the computer, reviewing college papers. Lisa kept open lines of communication with us, providing updates on progress, challenges and successes. Over the two years, my daughter’s writing skills, self confidence in her ability to write, improved, significantly. The support, guidance and genuine concern Lisa provided to my daughter helped her succeed in college. I highly recommend Lisa Taylor as a Learning Specialist-Educational Coordinator.”

“My daughter, an 8-year-old third grader, has struggled with reading and writing.  I spoke with many tutors, and though they were highly qualified, none seemed quite right.  And then I spoke to Lisa.  Immediately she understood what I was looking for, and the instant she met my daughter they formed a strong bond.  It’s as if Lisa has a window into my daughter’s brain; she understands her learning process in a way that neither I, nor any other teacher, ever has.  We look forward to seeing Lisa every week, she prepares an engaging, multi-sensory lesson, so very different from anything my daughter encounters at school.  Thanks to Lisa, my daughter has a new, positive outlook on reading, and is now beginning to understand letter sounds and word formation in a way she never could before.”

“Lisa Taylor came into our lives at a critical time in my son’s development. She has incredible skills, experience, empathy and determination. She was a true partner in identifying the best course, chaperoning the process, and making sure we had a long term approach to ensure my son had the tools and support to excel. Lisa is adept at connecting with kids and making them eager to work with her. Whether she is tutoring or helping with long term executive functioning tools and solutions, she is truly a pro. Lisa brings tremendous heart to her work. She’s a wonderful lady, with a unique skill set that has paved a path for success for my son. We are forever grateful for her fine support and counsel.”

“From the moment Lisa entered in our son’s life, we knew we encountered an exceptional educator and human being. Our son was drawn to Lisa’s warmth, authenticity, and exuberance. We were drawn to her innovative ways of teaching social thinking, executive functioning, and helping our son’s teacher optimize his in classroom learning. Lisa has fostered our son’s love of learning and confidence. She’s the consummate learning specialist.”

Exchange with an 8 year old boy……“Ms. Taylor, you are the best.”  When asked what made him purposefully pause to express his heart-felt compliment, he said, “….because in here, I understand.”